Zero Percent Corona Cases in Malana Village

Zero Percent Corona Cases in Malana Village

Malana: Corona has not even touched this Himachal village till date, here is the world’s oldest democracy In the era of modernity, Malana village, which is the world’s oldest democracy, still has its own law. While there has been an outcry in the country and abroad including the entire Himachal Pradesh, the corona epidemic has not even touched this village of Kullu district till date. In the last 15 months of the Corona period, not a single case of Corona has been reported in this village. This has become possible because, during the entire Corona period, the residents here have banned outsiders and tourists from coming to this village. In this village with a population of 2350, the law of the deity Jamlu (Jamadagni Rishi) follows. The deity Jamlu orders by means of Gur is believed to be the same. The residents here consider themselves to be the descendants of Alexander. HRTC has only bus service to Malana village. Due to Corona, it also left after a year in April this year, but now it is closed again.

People from nearby villages also meet people here outside the main gate of the village. Outsiders are not allowed to enter the village since last April. The former head of Malana Panchayat Bhagi Ram and deputy head Ram ji said that no case of Corona has come in the village so far.


People are dealing with Corona at their level and they have full blessings of the deity Jamlu. Panchayat head Raju Ram said that during the Corona period, the people of the village also come out of the village only in case of emergency, while the entry of outsiders is restricted.

This village was settled by the soldiers of Alexander – It is said that the great ruler Alexander came to the Malana region with his army. After conquering many areas of India and fighting with King Porus, many loyal soldiers of Alexander were wounded. Sikandar himself was tired and wanted to go back home, but when he reached here after crossing the Beas coast, he liked the peaceful atmosphere of this area. He stayed here for several days. When he went back, some of his soldiers stayed here, and later they made their families here and settled here.

Gods punish on crime – If someone commits a crime in this village, then the punishment is not given by the law, but the gods give Jamlu. The deities pronounce their orders through gur. No law or police rule of India works here. Due to its special tradition, customs and laws, this village is called the oldest democracy in the world.