World’s Post Unique Wedding Proposal – Meet Yasushi Takahashi

World’s Post Unique Wedding Proposal – Meet Yasushi Takahashi

Quit job to propose girlfriend did something that became a record

Knowing the story of Japan’s Yasushi, what one can do to propose to a girlfriend, you will be blown away. The name of the man has been included in the Guinness Book. What do people do nowadays to propose their love? Giving roses, chocolates, love letters and rings is now out of date. A Japanese man has found such a techno-savvy way of proposing his love that his name has been recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The matter is such that in 2008, Yasushi ‘Yassan’ Takahashi, a resident of Tokyo, decided to propose girlfriends in this different style. According to reports, he has been creating GPS art since then. However, with this method of proposing girlfriends, her name has also become the world record for the longest GPS drawing. Let us tell you that he also left the job to do this work.

Yasushi made a heart by drawing ‘Marry Me’ on Google Earth and for this, he traveled almost all over Japan. This work took him six months. His girlfriend has said yes to this surprising proposal of his. His unique proposal also caught the attention of Google and he has tweeted it on his official handle.

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