Why Does Coca-Cola Company Make a Yellow Cap Coca-Cola Bottle With Once a Year?

The recipe of Coca-Cola is kept inside a vault in America, in whose security-armed guards are stationed at all times.

Coca-Cola is a famous soft drink that was discovered as a medicine in the 19th century. But later it became so famous among the people that people started drinking it whenever they wanted. Its different flavors are present all over the world. But once a year Coca-Cola with a yellow lid is available in the market. Why does this happen and when does this happen? Let’s know.

Yellow Cap Coca-Cola

The Coca-Cola company brings out the Yellow Cap bottle in the market once a year. There is a special reason for this which is related to the Jews. Actually, in the month of spring, the Jewish religious festival Passover comes. In this festival, Jews live on a special diet. During this time they are forbidden to eat wheat, oats, rye, barley, corn, rice and beans. Since Coca-Cola contains corn syrup, Jewish people avoid drinking it. Therefore, once a year, Coca-Cola launches a special type of coke in the market. Sugar is added instead of corn syrup. It is called Kosher Coke. It is marketed with a yellow lid so that people can recognize it immediately.

A Lot of People Like

The taste of this special coke is better than ever. Second, the amount of fructose in it is also less. Therefore, as soon as it comes into the market, some people buy it in huge quantities. Its price is also the same as normal Coca Cola.

Founder of Coca-Cola

*Jimmy Hoffa discovered Coca-Cola and was murdered by some gangsters to get the recipe. That’s why even today the recipe of Coca-Cola is kept inside a Vault in America, in whose security armed guards are stationed at all times.

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