Who Said Health is Wealth : The World Of Os

Who Said Health is Wealth : The World Of Os

Who Said Health is Wealth: looking for the name of the person (read Genius) who said, “Health is wealth“. To me, he is more important than Marx, Aristotle and Tagore. Everything looks insignificant, if you do not keep health. If you are not in good health, the juicy mutton biryani will taste delicious. My mother-in-law says that her mother (my sister-in-law, whom I have never met) always used to say “The best way to leave this world is when you are enjoying food, wearing your favorite clothes and talking about your loved ones.” . “I completely agree with Kalamutty (how he is being referred to).

I have spent a lot of time in hospitals – walking around hopeless corridors. I have waited hours in front of the doctor’s chambers holding medical reports of my loved ones in my hand. I have gone to the hospitals with tears in my eyes. I have walked out of the hospital elevator on a stretcher with my mother’s lifeless body. I visited hospitals.

I feel very strongly about India’s pathetic health care. I feel so angry about the expensive expensive private hospitals that look like luxurious hotels. I am angry that the way we are dealing with healthcare is only the best available to the super rich. At the same time, I feel super rich when I am healthy and when my loved ones are healthy. There is no greater joy than this.

And here it is said that wealth is the talent for health.

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Health is Wealth
Health is Wealth

Health is Wealth Essays & Speeches | Topic Health’s Best Selected Essays and Speeches Money, Profit and Loss, Quotes, Pictures | For children and students

Health is a great wealth. This is human pride. Health is more than the treasures of the world. It adds beauty and meaning to life. The following essays and speeches have been written to acknowledge and explore the fact of health as a great human asset.

Best Fitness Read is a money essay with 100–500 words and more sentences are written here for students to download and download PDFs online.

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Essay on health is wealth; Value and importance in life


The saying health is wealth is a self-evident truth. There is no doubt that health is real wealth. This proverb teaches us the importance of health. The wealth we accumulate and pile up is nothing compared to health. It is health that matters more in life.

When one is in a good physical and mental state, he can enjoy life and lead a happy life. Our health is the main source of happiness and bliss.

How to maintain good health?

How to maintain good health
How to maintain good health

One must maintain one’s health first. Eat a balanced diet, eat fresh fruits and leafy green vegetables. He should drink clean and pure water, get fresh air, exercise daily, take proper sunlight and maintain hygiene to be healthy.

A healthy body is a symbol of a healthy mind. A person with an unhealthy body will not be able to use his abilities and abilities to succeed and excel in life.

Getting up early in bed makes a person healthy and intelligent. Proper rest is essential for good health. In the desire of wealth and wealth, people forget to take proper rest and do not go to bed early.

To stay healthy, one should brush teeth twice a day and wash hands before and after eating. We should bathe daily to keep ourselves away from germs and diseases.

Morning walk is good for health. Untoward conditions cause diseases that bediate us. The unhealthy person falls prey to inactivity and laziness which adversely affects our lives.

Importance and importance of health in life

Good health is the key to success and happiness. A person living in a good physical and mental state can enjoy the world and can face life’s challenges with ease and comfort. We can live happily without money, but we cannot live happily without good health.

It is health that enables and encourages us to do something and earn something. Health is the most valuable earning in life. One who maintains health can balance his life and excel in life. Good health frees us from many diseases and problems.

Health enables us to work longer to face difficult times. Life is not always easy. There are ups and downs in life. A healthy person can face the challenges of life and can make way to get rid of the difficulties faced.

The real joy and charm of life lies in good health. Without good health, one cannot enjoy the real charm of life. Whereas an unhealthy person is deprived of enjoying life and is always in a state of anxiety due to illness. This means that health is a blessing.

Good health reduces stress levels and promotes activity. A healthy person is active and energetic to work effectively and productively.

They perform all the regular tasks without any hindrance and suffering. Physical fitness helps in discharge of duty diligently and regularly. Whereas an unhealthy person hardly helps in maintaining his regular activities.

The conclusion

It has been rightly said that to get rich, never risk your health, because it is a fact that health is the treasure of wealth. The first wealth is health. It has been observed that many people lose their health to gain wealth and then spend their money to regain their health.

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He who enjoys good health is rich, although he knows that it is not. So one should not run after money, one should take care of one’s health. All other assets are below good health.

Speech on health is money for students

Speech on health is money for students
Speech on health is money for students

Today the topic of my speech is health. First of all I would like to tell you that health is defined as a state of being physically fit and recovering. When one feels free from all physical and mental disorders and away from all diseases and illnesses.

It is rightly said that health is the greatest wealth because a person can enjoy a good life when he is healthy. Health is a boon and a precious gem that cannot be bought with money. If it is lost, it can be bought back with money.

One should take care of his health because it is health that enables us to feel good life. The happiness of life comes only to those who are healthy.

I personally believe in order to lead a good life that it is not necessary to be rich because a rich and affluent person cannot enjoy life if he is ill or ill. However, it is necessary to stay healthy as you can enjoy life to the fullest if you have good health.

This is the greatest blessing of life. There is no doubt that health is better than wealth. How is it best, ask a rich person, who is deprived of good health.

He cannot eat and drink God’s blessings freely and could not be happier. While on the other hand one who maintains good health can consume all the food items and eat excessively.

Wealth is only the pleasure of the eyes while health is real and valuable. Money is not the option of everything in life, but health is the choice of everything in life.

Let me give you an example, if wealth is a car then health is an engine for it. A car that does not run without an engine can likewise be enjoyed by a rich person without good health.

I have seen thousands of poor people who do not have bank balance nor have they bought any item of life nor do they have so much money that they smile happily, laugh happily and sleep soundly.

On the other hand, those who have a lot of money and everything available at their fingertips are not able to sleep yet.

Healthy people are given good sleep. It is necessary to have good health. Money can be earned, but if good health is lost it is barely earned back.

How a person can turn health into wealth and enjoy a peaceful comfortable life is to maintain health.

Cleanliness and personal hygiene are the keys to good health. To maintain proper health, we must live a disciplined life. Getting up in bed and getting up early makes a person healthy, wealthy.

Eat a balanced diet. Eat and exercise on time every day to maintain health. Should not eat food. Excess intake of energy foods leads to obesity which is a major disorder of the body.

You can keep your body fit and fit by physical exercises, travel, walks and staying close to nature and natural things. To enjoy life to the fullest, both mental physical health