The Biggest Movies To Watch In 2022

The Biggest Movies To Watch In 2022

The film releases of the last two years have been like nothing else in recent decades. From March 2020 onwards, the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc with the release dates, as films were continuously delayed and many were directly shipped to streaming and digital platforms. While 2021 saw a lot more theatrical releases than 2020, there are still films that are yet to be released and the industry has changed forever as a result of the turmoil.

While no one is pretending that 2022 will be a normal year–Covid is still very much out– it should feel more regular than the two before. For the most part, studios are reverting to the theatrical model — albeit with far fewer windows — and it’s reasonably likely that many of the films currently coming out in 2022 will keep their scheduled dates.

So what does 2022 have in store for movie fans? There’s inevitably a lot of superhero action on the way, with several movies from Marvel and DC, including the latest Thor, Doctor Strange and Aquaman movies, as well as the much-anticipated debut of Robert Pattinson as Batman. Tom Cruise has two very delayed films—Mission Impossible 7 and Top Gun: Maverick—and Keanu Reeves will return for a fourth John Wick film. And we hope, finally, to find out what James Cameron has been cooking for many years with Avatar 2.

However, it is not all sequels and franchise films. Pixar’s Turning Red, the action film Bullet Train, Robert Egger’s Viking thriller The Northman, Jordan Peele’s Knope, and Martin Scorsese’s Killer of the Flower Moon are among the original films to arrive in 2022. Whatever your film tastes, there’s no denying the next 12 months is a lot to do, here’s India newsi guide to the biggest movies to watch in 2022.

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