Saweetie Has a Full Room for Her Wigs

Saweetie’s 10 million Instagram followers know that she can take off any hair color, ranging from fiery reds to cool blue to hot pinks – but all those wigs cost a lot of money. The 27-year-old “Best Friend” rapper told Page Six Style, “Maybe I had bought a house by now, whose money I spend on a wig.”


“I’m always going to give a look, though. If I want a new wig or a new color or a new cut, what will the icy girl do. ” So vast is the collection of Saweetie hairpieces, in fact, that she keeps them in a special place in her home. “I really have a wig room,” he revealed. “I think I’ve lost count of how many wigs I’ve got… I can come out with my line.”

Saweetie sported one of her signature eye-catching ‘dos ​​- long, icy blond waves and blunt bangs – at last week’s midsize premiere of “Groen-Ish”. Her role as Diva Indigo, the latest clientele of stylist Zoy (Yara Shahidi), marks the rapper’s acting debut. “Yara is like a little sister, so I felt bad with her, and she is a bitch,” Sawai said. “[Playing] Indigo was definitely out of my comfort zone. ”

For her character’s wild wardrobe, which included a fabulous iridescent kitten? “For the cupboard, they gave me room to move,” she recalled. “The stylist gave me a lot of looks on the set. It was never, “You have to wear this.” They would bring me options so that I could choose, so I appreciated them. ”

And it is not expected that you will see Saweetie for the last time on the small screen. “I think music has opened doors for me and the fashion business, and now the world of acting – so I’m just going to continue to dominate everything,” I said.

Saweetie ‘s debut album “Pretty Bitch Music” is scheduled to be released later this year.

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