Ronaldo Became the First Person in World to Have 300+ Million followers on Insta

Ronaldo Became the First Person in World to Have 300+ Million followers on Insta

Cristiano Ronaldo Instagram Followers: The great footballer Cristiano Ronaldo keeps on making records on the playground, but this time he made history in the world of social media. Cristiano Ronaldo, the most followed on social media, broke all records by becoming the first person to reach 300+ million followers on Instagram. He has been the most followed celebrity on the photo-blogging portal for quite some time now.

The Rock is second on the list after Ronaldo, the first person to cross the 200 and 250 million mark. The WWE superstar turned Hollywood actor has 246 million followers. Lionel Messi is another player in the top 10 list. The Barcelona forward is followed by more than 219 million users. The same Indian captain Kohli is the first cricketer in the world and the first celebrity in Asia to have 125 million or more than 120 million followers on Instagram.


Let us tell that Ronaldo does business of crores of rupees from this social media portal itself. According to a report, the Portuguese footballer charges a skyrocketing amount of Rs 6,57,95,334 for an Instagram post. Let us tell you that Instagram has also emerged as one of the most popular platforms in terms of advertisements and celebrities promote various brands with their social media accounts. Ronaldo who is one of the best on the field has also carved a niche for himself as the most popular social media personality. He earned over $50 million by advertising products on Instagram between March 2019 and March 2020.

Ronaldo is quite active on social media and regularly posts on Instagram to keep fans interested. He is also very popular on Twitter and Facebook. The only player in the top 10 list, Ronaldo has over 92 million followers on Twitter. The only player to have over 100 million likes on his Facebook page, Ronaldo is followed by over 148 million people on that platform. Due to the increasing popularity of Ronaldo, he can achieve many records in the coming years.

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