Only One Handbag Allowed For Every Air Passenger In India: Find Out Why?

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) has introduced a new rule for domestic flight passengers who will not be allowed to carry more than one hand baggage.


The ‘One Hand Bag Rule’ has been imposed in order to ease congestion and security concerns on ground and reduce burden at screening points in airports.

BCAS said that passengers generally carry 2-3 hand bags to the screening point.

This leads to increased clearance time along with delays, congestion in security check-in counters and inconvenience to other passengers.

Display Everywhere For Visibility

The Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), which guards all key airports in India, instructed airlines, airport operators and other stakeholders to ensure the enforcement of the rule and display it on hoardings, tickets and boarding passes for visibility.

They may also display the contents of the ‘One Hand Bag Rule’ near the check-in counters, and vantage locations before Security Hold Areas (SHA) at the airports.

What If There’s Extra Handbags?

If need be, passengers will have the option to switch their extra hand bags to registered baggage.

Airlines will be made responsible to guide passengers, check and verify their hand bag status etc, before allowing them to proceed to pre-embarkation security checks.

The order comes in the midst of additional restrictions for travelers in an effort to smoothen the security check process at airports.


The one-bag policy was earlier imposed in light of the pandemic to ease congestion and ensure the maintenance of health protocols.

The BCAS had also ordered passengers to carry only one handbag weighing up to 7 kilograms.

Exceptions were made for lady’s bags and laptop bags.

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