LinksAdverts: India’s best & trusted highest paying link shortener

LinksAdverts: India’s best & trusted highest paying link shortener

You all know about Link Shortener tools but do you know about Links Adverts? If no then let me tell you about the most trusted and best URL shortener of the decade and it is Links Adverts. For the past few years, Links Adverts name is booming in the market.

Links Adverts is nothing but just a simple URL shortener but why it is more famous than others? Why do people call it a trusted URL shortener? Can we really withdraw our earnings daily? all the queries answered below

What is Links Adverts? is a URL shortener tool website where you can turn your long and messy URLs into short and branded links. Apart from shortening long and messy URLs, Links Adverts also monetize URLs by which people can earn money through per click/views on links.

Why Links Adverts is different from other URL shorteners?

There are thousands of URL shorteners on google but Links Adverts is different from others because Links Adverts is a pro website that doesn’t show any type of pop-up ads, adult ads, gambling ads and it gives payment on time. Links Adverts show only branded interstitial ads on their links and the user interface is also far better than others. Links Adverts has easy to skip links

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How to get payment from links adverts?

For taking your payment from links adverts you have to reach through minimum threshold your payment threshold is dependent on your payment method means if you are making payments on local apps like Paytm, phone pe then you need only 5$ threshold to withdraw but if you are using bank account then your threshold maybe 10$.

Is Links Adverts is the highest paying Link Shortener?

We cant say that it is the highest paying URL shortener but the good thing is that Links Adverts count views perfectly and they don’t do any scams related to your clicks so that you can actually earn more money than other URLs shorteners.

How to create an account on LinksAdverts?

Creating an account on Links Adverts is not enabled for every fellow person. If you have any traffic source like a youtube channel/ blog where you will get traffic on your links only then you can join links adverts but if you don’t have any source of traffic then you cant create an account on Links Adverts. Basically Links Adverts accept only Youtubers, Bloggers, Telegrammers, and Influencers to sign-up on their site.

For creating an account on Links Adverts you have to follow these steps:-

  1. Go to Links Adverts site
  2. Click on Sign Up
  3. Fill the form according to your traffic source
  4. then you will be redirected to Whatsapp and it will automatically send your registration form to their support manager
  5. after your form is sent to Links Adverts you have to send your Dashboard/Analytics screenshot to them for proving that you are the actual owner of the details you provided.
  6. After that, they will give you your account’s username & password that you have to use for logging in Links Adverts

For more safety, You can change your password after logging in. Links Adverts is probably the best Url Shortener which is totally safe & trusted and give daily payments

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