Indian Railways to Become ‘Green’ by 2030, Unique Initiative to Save Electricity

Indian Railways to Become ‘Green’ by 2030, Unique Initiative to Save Electricity

Indian Railways has set a target to completely transform itself into Green Railway by 2030. Apart from this, the Ministry of Railways has taken many big initiatives to reduce global warming and deal with climate change. In this sequence, railway electrification, improvement in energy efficiency of locomotives and trains, fitting of bio-toilets in train coaches, green certification for stations, and switching to renewable sources of energy, With which the goal of zero carbon emission can be met. At the same time, Railways has also taken a unique initiative to save electricity.

Station Lights Will Turn Off by Themselves

Indian Railways has also started a unique initiative to save electricity. When the train arrives on the platform, 100 percent of the lights will be lit and 50 percent of the lights will automatically turn off when it leaves. This system has been started at Jabalpur, Bhopal and Narsinghpur stations of Western Railway. This will reduce energy consumption and save more. The Ministry of Railways gave this information by tweeting.

Promotion of Solar Energy



Indian Railways has also taken many initiatives to promote solar energy. Indian Railways is working to harness the potential of 500 Mega Watts (MW) of energy through rooftop solar panels (developer model). So far, 100 mega watt (MW) solar plants have been installed on the roof of many buildings including 900 stations. Solar plants with a combined capacity of 400 MW are in different stages. Tenders are already awarded for 245 MW and the target for completion of these plants is December 2022.

Wind Power


In the wind power sector, 103 MW wind-based power plants have been commissioned. Of these, 26 MW is in Rajasthan (Jaisalmer), 21 MW is in Tamil Nadu and 56.4 MW is in Maharashtra (Sangli). Indian Railways plans to set up 200 MW wind power plants in the next two years in Tamil Nadu, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Karnataka.

100% LED


Keeping in mind climate change, Indian Railways has started other green initiatives like 100% LED lighting of buildings and stations. In the area of   Green Initiatives, a total of 69,000 coaches with more than 2,44,000 bio-toilets have been installed in Indian Railways.