How to track Loan & Investment in 2022

How to track Loan & Investment in 2022

If you want to know about the Best App to Track Loan & Investment, then you have come to the right place. If money is invested in this, then for that you have to open all those apps again and again to see how the shares of whichever stock you had bought are performing, half of your time would have been spent in looking at these things, then how If you can track all these with only one app, this post will help you a lot, then you must read it completely.

There are many platforms for online investment tracking, out of which the best platform will be told to you today, if you are one of those people who have very little time as if it happened in their bank. If you can see the transaction or investment, then this can be a good way for those people, from here you can track all your investments with the help of only one application, now you may also be thinking that for this you have to If you have to pay money too, then investment tracking is absolutely free, for this you do not have to pay any money.

So let us now understand everything about this application very well so that you can use it to track your portfolio, if you want to learn about investing money now, then we have posted some investment related posts on this blog. written, you can read them.

What is Indian Money?

IND Money is a Finance App, with the help of this application, you can do almost every type of investment such as (Stocks, Mutual Funds, US Stocks, Fixed Deposits, EPF, PPF) along with this, if you have more than one Demat Account created. If so, you can easily track all of them in this one app. If you have also bought stocks from different apps, then you can see the ups and downs of all of them in this app or if you want to buy stocks or invest money in mutual funds, then this app can be used for that could.

As you must be aware that you must have more money to buy US Stocks, only then you can invest money in US Stocks, then with the help of IND Money, you can buy US Stocks only. Only a few parts can be bought.

And very soon you can also invest in Cryptocurrency using this app, in a very short time this app has grown very well, after taking some permission, it could track all your expenses and tell your net worth when you You have to fill your Income Tax, it helps a lot in that.

Documents required to use IND Money App:-

If you do any kind of investment, then there you have to give some important documents so that you do not have to face any kind of problem later, so if you want to open your account in IND Money today. So for that you need some important documents, so let’s know about them.

  • Aadhar Card
  • Pan Card
  • Mobile Number (Linked to Aadhar Card)
  • Gmail ID
  • Video KYC
  • Bank Account

If you have all these things, then you can also create your IND Money Account and it only takes you two minutes, but note that whatever Gmail ID you are creating an account with, it should be the same ID from which your first investment. The account was created in the app, only then it syncs it and shows it in its own app.

How to track Loan & Investment?

As you know that this is considered to be a Best Investment Tracker App and the best thing is that if you want to track all your Investment, Loan, Mutual Funds, PPF, EPF, FD etc. For this it does not charge you even a single rupee. This is the reason why today most people use this app for tracking their portfolio.

Let us now know that what will have to be done to track the portfolio, first of all, you can download the IND Money App in your mobile or you can also create an account by visiting the official website of IND Money.

  • First of all, you create an account on IND Money or if you have already created an account then log in to it.
  • After that you will find Track Your Investments written on the homepage itself, click on it.
  • Now to track whatever you have invested in these, click on whichever of them you want to track, as if I want to track my Stock Portfolio, then I click on Stocks.
  • Then from here your Gmail ID will be asked, you have to tell the same ID from which your account has been created as well as from which Demat Account has been created, then verify it by entering that Gmail ID.
  • After this, from whichever Broker you have bought Stocks such as Zerodha and Upstox or you can also upload your NSDL Statement in its place, after some time after doing this refresh at the place of your Track Your Investment. Will show the report of Stocks at one place only.

After this, if there is any ups and downs in those stocks, then you can buy, sell or hold them according to your understanding, in the same way you can get your SIP & Lumpsum, EPF, PPF, Loan, Credit Cards from here. You can also track Real-Estate.

Benefits of using Indian Money:-

  • If you have created more than one Demat Account of yours or you also see the accounts of your family members as well, then you can see the portfolio of all of them at one place in this app.
  • It also works as an investment tool, such as if you want to buy a stock or start SIP, then you can do that too from this app.
  • To start US Stock Investing, you can start investing with only 1 Dollar.
  • If you use Credit Cards, then when you do a transaction, then you also get IND Money Reward, in which Free US Stocks Rewards are given.
  • And at the same time, you can buy Fractional in US Stocks, this means that you do not need to buy the entire stock in US Stocks, you can invest US Stock by buying only some part of it.
  • When you have to fill your Income Tax, then it is all necessary that you need Capital Gains Statement, from here you get that statement so that you know how much tax you have to pay, in this way you get Income Tax. It becomes easy to fill.
  • Most of such applications charge you Account Opening Charge, Maintenance Charge, Brokerage Fees, but this app is in such a way that you do not ask for any Fees.
  • By using this application, you can invest money in Indian Stocks, US Stocks, Mutual Funds, PPF, EPF, FD in all such investments and after adding bank account it is your net worth after adding your expenses. He also tells.

Disadvantages of using Indian Money:-

  • Although this app is very good, but as everything has both advantages and disadvantages, then the same thing is also there in this, it is not a Demat account, that is why you cannot do Intraday Trading using this app or Demat You cannot use whatever Advance Features of the account are there.
  • Some people believe that this app takes permission from your mobile messages, emails etc. and can track Net Worth or other things only after reading the messages of all your transactions. If the app can be trusted, then I want to tell you here that you can trust this app comfortably, it will not do anything like what you would be thinking, millions of people with you for their Portfolio Tracking. If you are using the app, then there is nothing to worry about.

So friends, these were all the advantages and disadvantages of using IND Money, hope that you must have got complete information about it, if you liked this post of ours (How to Track Loan & Investment?), then you can use it to make all your investments. Do share with your friends and if you have any question then you must ask us by commenting.