How Quickly Will I Lose Weight On 1200 Calories A Day

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight On 1200 Calories A Day?: Some people follow a 1,200 calorie diet plan to promote fat loss and reach their goal weight as soon as possible.

While it is true that reducing calories is an effective way to lose weight, research suggests that calorie intake is not too low for long-term health or weight loss.

This article reviews the 1,200 calorie diet and covers the potential benefits and downside associated with low-calorie dietary patterns.

What is a 1,200-calorie diet?

There is a way to eat a 1,200 calorie diet that limits the number of daily calories you consume to 1,200. This diet is considered a low-calorie diet as it provides significantly fewer calories than most average adults to maintain their weight.

1200 calorie diet plan
1200 calorie diet plan

Many healthcare providers, including doctors and dieticians, prescribe low-calorie diets as a go-to strategy for weight loss.

A common recommendation for Spark to lose weight is to reduce the amount of calories from 500 to 750 calories per day. This typically translates to a low-calorie diet of 1,200–1500 calories per day for adult women and 1,500–1,800 calories per day for adult men.

Note that 1,200 calories is at the lower end of the recommended low-calorie diet ranges for women.

Some researchers classify low-calorie diets as dietary patterns that distribute between 800–1,200 calories per day, while very low-calorie diets are classified as diets that provide less than 800 calories per day Huh.

These diets are usually followed for weeks to months to promote rapid weight loss (How Quickly Will I Lose Weight On 1,200 Calories A Day).

Low calorie and very low calorie diets are commonly used in clinical settings under medical supervision, such as weight loss centers, but they are only popular with the general public.

In fact, many weight loss coaches, personal trainers, and popular dieting websites offer 1,200 calorie meal plans, promising that following a 1,200 calorie diet will help you “slim down faster”.

These diets generally promote the use of “low-calorie,” “fat-free,” and “low-fat” foods, to keep calorie intake low, and usually include calorie counting so as to ensure dieters That they stay within their daily limits.

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While a 1,200 calorie diet may be appropriate in the short term in some situations, 1,200 calories are too low for the majority of adults.

In addition, while you may initially experience rapid weight loss, when dramatically reducing your calorie intake, studies show that low-calorie diets rarely work to keep weight down.

Can it help you lose weight?

To lose weight it is necessary to create a calorie deficit. Cutting the calories from 500 to 750 calories per day, as advised by some health professionals, is likely to encourage weight loss, at least in the short term.

Several studies have shown that low-calorie diets, including 1,200 calorie diets, can promote weight loss.

For example, a study in 2,093 people with obesity showed that supervision of an average 1,200 calorie meal replacement diet resulted in an average fat loss of 4.7% over 12 months.

In another study, adults followed a commercial weight loss program that provided 500, 1,200–1500 or 1,500–1800 calories per day.

After 1 year, those on a 1,200-1,500-calorie-per-day diet experienced an average weight loss of 15 pounds (6.8 kg). However, 23% of the 4,588 people who followed a 1,200 calorie diet dropped out of the study.

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight On 1200 Calories A Day : Studies have found that early weight loss using a low-calorie diet such as a 1,200 calorie diet is usually rapid and substantial, this is often followed by an overweight diet, compared to diets that use only moderate calorie restriction. in comparison.

In the above mentioned commercial weight loss study, researchers found that rapid weight loss during the first 3 months was associated with greater regain during the maintenance phase of the 9-month weight loss diet in all three of the diet group.

Another study in 57 people who are overweight or obese noted that after following a very low 500-calorie diet or a low 1,250 calorie diet for 5 and 12 weeks, respectively, study participants took 10 months. Gained 50% of lost weight, on average. .

This is because low-calorie diets induce metabolic changes that conserve energy and prevent weight loss, including increased appetite, loss of lean body mass, and a decrease in the number of calories burned, all of which are long. Time weight makes maintenance difficult.

This has led many health experts to recommend eating patterns that use only small reductions in calorie intake to promote weight loss while reducing the negative metabolic adaptations associated with low-metabolic diets.

Potential benefits of a 1,200 calorie diet

Can it help you lose weight
Can it help you lose weight

Some health benefits may be found following a 1,200 calorie diet, but it is important to note that these benefits are normally associated with calorie restriction, and are not specific to 1,200 calorie meal plans.

Consuming more calories than your body needs on a regular basis can lead to many health consequences, including weight gain, risk factors for heart disease, and diabetes.

Fueling your body with the right number of calories is essential for preserving good overall health.

Numerous studies have shown that calorie reduction in general can benefit health by promoting weight loss, reducing cardiovascular risk factors such as LDL (bad) cholesterol, and reducing blood sugar levels and inflammation.

There is no question that losing excess body weight has a positive effect on health and it is best for your body to stay within your individual calorie needs.

However, restrictive dietary methods are strongly associated with the possibility of gaining weight over time, using methods used to promote weight loss, and using very few calories.

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Therefore, while reducing excess body weight can benefit your overall health, it is important to choose healthy, permanent weight loss methods over more extreme dietary patterns.

It should be noted that some research has shown that people suffering from obesity or morbid obesity who follow a low calorie or very low calorie diet under medical supervision tend to lose weight and improve their blood sugar and lipid profile Which can improve overall health.
Nevertheless, these diets are generally followed for short periods and are usually associated with high dropout rates due to their restrictive nature.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in following a low calorie diet for weight loss, it is important to talk with a qualified healthcare provider for advice.

1200 Calorie Diet Plan for Weight loss – Potential fall

Calorie needs are very high and depend on many factors including body size, age, and level of activity. The 1,200 calorie diet is inappropriate for most adults, including younger women.

Although calorie requirements vary from person to person and exact requirements can only be determined using specific tools or calculations, the average adult woman needs approximately 2,000 calories per day to maintain her weight, while A man requires about 2,500.

Again, these numbers are only average and do not reflect the difference in caloric needs due to factors such as age, activity level, and height. However, an estimate of these average calorie needs gives you an estimate of how low 1,200 calories are.

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight On 1200 Calories A Day : The 1,200 calorie diet is too short for most people and can result in negative side effects such as dizziness, excessive hunger, nausea, micronutrient deficiencies, fatigue, headaches, and gallstones.

Also, if losing weight is your goal in the long run, a 1,200 calorie diet can prepare you for failure.

Banning calories causes metabolic changes in your body. These include hormones such as Ghrelin and Cortisol, which increase appetite, as well as a decrease in metabolic rate (RMR) or the calories you burn while resting.

This increases the likelihood of weight gain over time, as well as the vicious cycle of repeated weight loss, followed by the experience of losing weight.

Weight cycling is harmful to mental health, and research has shown that repeated dieting and weight cycling can stress the heart and increase the risk of eating disorders, type 2 diabetes, and increased mortality.

Simple Meal plan to lose weight – Better option

Often healthcare providers and people who lose weight choose a diet based on how quickly they can produce the desired results, failing to consider the health consequences of limiting calories in the long run.

When choosing a restrictive, low-calorie diet that neatly reduces your daily calorie requirements, which is likely to result in quick weight loss, keep in mind that some of that weight loss occurs in the form of muscle mass. Muscle loss and other metabolic adaptations can reduce your RMR.

Large calorie deficiencies not only lead to adverse changes, which make it difficult to lose weight, but can also have a serious impact on your emotional well-being.

Most research studies suggest that dieting does not work and using healthy, less extreme weight loss methods are a better option for weight loss over time and maintenance of weight loss.

For example, instead of reducing your intake by 1,200 calories, which typically involves tracking every piece of food that crosses your lips, try some of the following evidence-based, healthy weight loss tips Do:

Eat all the food. Whole foods, including vegetables, fruits, beans, fish, nuts, seeds, and eggs, should cover the majority of your calorie intake. Whole foods are full of fiber, protein, and healthy fats that your body needs to flourish.

Added sugar and fat cut. Reducing your fat and excess sugar intake is a healthy way to promote weight loss. Common sugar- and / or fat-rich foods include soda, cakes, ice cream, candy, and sugar grains.

Cook more food at home. Take out, restaurants, and cook less on fast food and more food at home. People who cook more food at home lose weight and have a more healthy diet than those who eat more food outside the home.

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Increase daily activity. One of the best ways to promote healthy, lasting weight loss is to create a calorie deficit by the number of calories you burn. Try taking a daily walk outside to take exercise classes or join the gym.

Work with a knowledgeable healthcare provider. Losing weight can be intimidating and stressful. A knowledgeable dietitian or other trained healthcare provider can help you lose weight in a healthy way without excessive restrictions.

To lose weight using a healthy, permanent diet approach may take longer, it reduces the adverse calories that occur during excessive calorie restriction and can help increase your chances of keeping weight good. .

How Quickly Will I Lose Weight On 1200 Calories A Day ?


The 1,200 calorie diet is a low-calorie eating pattern that typically includes calorie counting and low-calorie foods to promote quick weight loss.

Although a 1,200 calorie diet is likely to promote short-term, rapid weight loss, metabolic adaptations that occur during calorie restriction make it difficult to keep weight off for long periods of time.

What’s more, 1,200 calories is well under the average number of calories that most adults – even younger women – need to fuel their bodies.

While a diet that provides 1,200 or less calories is a popular tool for weight loss, for your overall health it is better to choose a diet that fuels your body in a healthy way and promotes slow, lasting weight loss. That can be maintained for life.