Mysterious deaths of infants, children raise questions about how quickly coronovirus killed California

Mysterious deaths of infants, children raise questions about how quickly coronovirus killed California

A group of mysterious deaths, including some infants and toddlers, are under the question of whether the novel Coronavirus was detected months earlier in California. But eight weeks after the government announced Gavin Newsom a statewide hunt for undetermined initial COVID-19 deaths, the effort is tied to bureaucratic and testing limitations.

Among those awaiting an answer is Marybeth Cortez, whose adult son, Jeremiah Delap, died on January 7 in Orange County while visiting his parents. He was healthy, suffering what he thought was food poisoning on Friday, and was found dead in bed the following Tuesday, drowned with fluid in his lungs.

China did not announce its first COVID-19 death until four days later. But horrifying stories of a deadly new virus in Wuhan by Delap’s February 1 funeral service dominated the news.

“Everyone who knew him that when they were talking to me, it would all start,” do you think he died of that? “” Cortez said.

“And I said, ‘I don’t know.”

She is still not

Delap’s lung-preserved specimens include more than 40 California deaths awaiting a trial decision for Coves Disease Control and Prevention of the COVID-19. There are nine cases in Orange County, as does Los Angeles County. Kern County has identified two respiratory deaths that may suggest COVID-19, both young women, both of whom died on December 21.

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Meanwhile, interviews and internal documents show medical examiners in the Shasta, Sacramento and Santa Clara counties, meanwhile, investigating the deaths of children and infants who have increased recognition of Coronavirus infection rates in children with mysterious inflammatory symptoms Are among

In any case, a positive finding could dramatically rewrite the narrative of COVID-19 in the United States.

Researchers tracking genetic mutations of the virus jump from an unknown animal host to humans, occurring in November. China’s first documented illnesses began in early December.

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Most California coroners and medical examiners fixed it in March before routinely introducing test decadents, which fall under their jurisdiction for COVID-19, using the now-familiar nose swab tests Which should be done within days of death. Still, the test is limited to a fraction of cases – people who had symptoms of respiratory failure, traveled to China, or died without a witness.

Detection of missing cases of COVID-19 requires examination of preserved tissue, testing available only through CDC. It took months for CDC pathologists to realize that the virus had already killed people in the United States in early February. At the time, US health officials believed they could control the Coronovirus by monitoring international travelers and isolating more than a dozen infected individuals in California and four other states. Live Updates