Full Disclosure: Dakota Johnson Interview (good and bad) and Feeling Overlooked

Full Disclosure: Dakota Johnson Interview (good and bad) and Feeling Overlooked

Dakota Johnson on female ambition, divas (good and bad) and feeling overlooked. The actress talks to us about juggling self-belief with self-doubt

Dakota Johnson may be an internationally renowned actress with several successful films under her belt, but she is still not immune to feelings of insecurity and low confidence.

Her new film, The High Note, stars her drama PA Maggie as a superstar (Tracy Ellis Ross). Maggie dreams of becoming a music producer, but finds herself battling many failures – answered by Johnson.

“I am plagued with self-doubt and criticism, and so is [Maggie],” says Johnson during a zoom interview. “I still lose a job and I don’t get every job I want. I have dreams of working with some people on certain projects and it doesn’t happen. It’s a jackfruit industry so I need to shut down Habit.”

Johnson in The High Note
Johnson in The High Note

The actress admitted that she certainly felt overlooked during her career, as the nature of the film industry was always on the lookout for newness and the next big thing.

“It’s painful and a fucking boomer,” Johnson says, “but [Maggie] is leaving because it’s all she has. I’ve experienced … I still do all the time.”


Moments of such disregard did not stop her from going after the professional. Johnson has named the debut of his film and TV production company Teatime Pictures, which launched last autumn, as an example that he was underestimated in Hollywood. “There were many people who said, ‘You can’t do it that way’ or ‘That method won’t work’ or ‘You need to do that to get to that place”, but I really believed that I I can do it differently and I did, “she says.” It’s the same message we see with Maggie. She believes in herself and so do I. “

Watch Johnson star in the second installment of our hard-hitting new video series, Full Disclosure, to hear from above why female ambition still has a bad name and why we need to rethink our perceptions of the Diva .

High Note is available to rent at home on May 29 from the Sky Store, Amazon Prime Video and other digital retailers.