DIEM Will Compete With Bitcoin, Facebook in Preparation to Bring It’s Own Digital Currency

In recent years, people seem to be very excited about digital currency. In view of this, Facebook is also now preparing to bring its digital currency into the market. According to media reports, Facebook may launch its cryptocurrency DIEM this year. If Facebook is successful in bringing its own digital currency, the rivalry in the cryptocurrency market will increase more than ever before. Facebook had earlier planned to launch digital currency in the year 2019. But then this plan of the company was not successful.

Facebook’s cryptocurrency DIEM means a fresh start to the day. In the year 2019, Facebook named its digital coin Libra. But this time along with the company name, many big changes have been made. E-commerce transactions can also be done using DIEM. Bitcoin will compete with Dogecoin

Facebook’s digital currency will directly compete with older cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, dogecoin. The market for digital currency is currently dominated by cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, dogecoin. In such a situation, it is not easy to make a place for Facebook coin in this market.

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