Covid to Pilot: Which was on the Vandebharat Mission

Covid to Pilot: Which was on the Vandebharat Mission

New Delhi: Air India has recalled its pilot flight to Moscow after Covid confirmed the pilot. The plane, which departed for Moscow as part of the Vandebharat mission, was recalled from Uzbekistan airspace after a two-hour flight.

It was only after leaving New Delhi to Moscow that the pilot’s Covid test was reported to be positive. There have been unofficial reports that the results of the earlier Covid test were unheard of. The pilot was ordered to come back later.

There were no passengers on the plane. Crew members were admitted to the Quarantine. Disinfection work on aircraft continues.

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Vande Bharat Mission: 45K Indian citizens have been evacuated so far, preparations are underway for repatriation of Phase

Under the Vande Bharat Mission (VBM), the government has so far trapped more than 45,000 Indian citizens abroad due to the coronavirus epidemic and subsequent lockdown. Phase I has been successfully completed from 7 May – 16 May, during which 16,716 stranded Indians returned. According to the Ministry of External Affairs spokesperson, we are in the second phase of VBM from 17 May to 13 June