Coronavirus Returns to New Zealand, Auckland Locks Down Again

Coronavirus Returns to New Zealand, Auckland Locks Down Again

In New Zealand, the alert level has been increased due to increasing cases of Coronavirus. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said that the latest cases of community spread have been confirmed in New Zealand. According to the news agency Xinhua, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern told the media, “Corona Alert Level has increased from 1 to 3 in New Zealand’s largest city Auckland, while in other places Alert Level 2 has been increased. Lockdown has been imposed in Auckland due to increasing cases of the corona.

Lockdown For Following Days

New Zealand Director General of Health Affairs Ashley Bloomfield said the symptoms of community spread are uncommon and the source of infection is unknown, which is being investigated. Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has also appealed to the people to stay home to prevent the spread of Coronavirus. Third-level lockdown will be implemented in Auckland for seven days from 6 am on Sunday. In the third level lockdown, all kinds of events are banned, there will be strict restrictions. The second level lockdown is applicable in the rest of the country, in which games can be held without spectators.

Country Has Become Corona Free Twice

In New Zealand, the coronavirus has been announced twice, but due to the increasing cases of coronavirus, once again there has been a lockdown in Auckland. By Saturday, the number of corona infects in the world has crossed 11.40 crore while the number of dead has exceeded 25.31 lakh. The rising corona infection again has raised the concern of all countries.

Countries With More Than 1 Million Cases

Countries where more than 1 million cases have been reported so far are Britain (4,166,727), Russia (4,164,802), France (3,746,475), Spain (3,180,212), Italy (2,868,435), Turkey (2,674,766), Germany (2,426,819), Colombia (2,241,225), Argentina (2,093,645), Mexico (2,069,370), Poland (1,673,252), Iran (1,607,081), South Africa (1,509,124), Ukraine (1,373,139), Indonesia (1,314,634), Peru (1,300,799), Czech Republic (1,198,168) ) And the Netherlands (1,088,730).

Countries With More Than 20 Thousand Deaths

Talking about the number of people who died due to this deadly virus, after America, the second-highest number of deaths occurred in Brazil, followed by Mexico and India. So far, 251,498 deaths have been reported in Brazil, 183,692 in Mexico and 156,705 in India. Among the countries with more than 20 thousand deaths, Britain (122,303), Italy (96,974), France (85,734), Russia (83,481), Germany (69,327), Spain (68,813), Iran (59,830), Colombia (59,396), Argentina (51,795), South Africa (49,667), Peru (45,683), Poland (43,094), Indonesia (35,518), Turkey (28,358), Ukraine (26,991), Belgium (22,006) and Canada (21,868).