Day 3 Unlock 1.0 of Coronavirus Cases: Ground Report

Day 3 Unlock 1.0 of Coronavirus Cases: Ground Report

Day 3 Unlock 1.0 of Coronavirus – New Delhi: India recorded a record jump of 8,909 novel Coronovirus Cases in the last 24 hours, reaching the figure of 2,07,615 on Wednesday, while the toll rose to 5,815 with 217 more deaths. Out of this 1,00,302 people have been recovered, while one has escaped. So far, about 48.31% patients have been cured.

Here’s a look at the major updates from the cities –

1. CHENNAI Tamil Nadu Covid has the lowest mortality rate of 0.8%: Palaniswami of Edappadi. Six-day week for courts in Puducherry, Tamil Nadu. Going home only to families, says guest workers in Chennai. Temples across Tamil Nadu have suffered a loss of Rs 75 crore due to the lockout. Many star hotels in Chennai have started monetizing their expertise in housekeeping, disinfection and hygiene, gourmet cuisine and laundry service to companies and residents.


2. MUMBAI state recorded 103 plagues on Tuesday, its second highest since May 29 (116), taking the toll to 2,465. Maharashtra added 2,287 Covid-19 Coronovirus Cases, taking its tally to 72,300. The Jumbo Covid-19 care facility at the Bandra-Kurla complex was evacuated on Tuesday following an alert that Cyclone could hit the town of Nisarga. Public Health Minister Rajesh Tope made a surprise visit and found that hospitals were operating at 50% of their strength and most did not display a chart showing their bed strength, occupancy or capped treatment fees. In the first, the Maharashtra government issued shock notice to four major private hospitals – Jaslok, Hinduja, Bombay and Lilavati – for failing to allocate adequate beds for Covid and non-Covid patients and for allegedly denying beds . A 49-year-old traffic constable died on Monday in front of Covid-19, which became the 18th Mumbai police accident. Nearly a month after the Center relaxed the Covid-19 lockdown rules, industrial activity figures show that revival is taking place at a rapid pace. Contributing zones in the state, production has resumed in most places.

3. DELHI Already disorganized passengers on both sides of the Delhi-Haryana border, who are already struggling for clarity on the pass, with daily instructions from governments on sealing, de-sealing and re-sealing, confusion and vehicle pileup Can stare in another week. Leaving them little time to catch up with the previous one. The government shut down almost all shops in markets across the city on Tuesday, removing the aud-even restrictions. More than 4.5 lakh people have already requested for public opinion by Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on keeping Delhi borders sealed and hospitals in the capital only in Delhi hospitals. The Chief Minister made this request on Monday.

4. BENGALURU is becoming the mainstay of isolating travelers from all states – Maharashtra Chief Minister BS Yeddyurappa on Tuesday ordered the Home Department to file an FIR against those violating the 14-day rule. A passenger train from Delhi – when flying for the first time in a long time at KSR Bengaluru City railway station, chaos erupted when the train arrived from Mumbai, the first from the financial capital, in a recap of events at the height of lockdown. Reached the station on Tuesday after the lockout. Although the state government submitted in the High Court that it would refund the cost of travel of the labor organizations through the Shramik Special trains by 31 May, it continues to receive fares to the states which are not paying the bills.

5. KOLKATA and the rest of the state recorded their highest one-day surge in Covid-positive cases on Tuesday. Experts fear a return to normal routines and the resumption of traffic on congested public transport could affect the Covid number. From Wednesday, autos and taxis can ply with full – 3 + 1- seating capacity. Burrabazar’s wholesale center – which drew strict lockout measures just days before several Covid-19 deaths – got embroiled in controversy for violating social distance rules as restrictions on businesses relaxed on Monday happened. City magicians are also trying to adapt to the ‘work from home’ trend. They are cosmically dragging the proverbial rabbit from behind a computer screen, but with very few tweaks to adapt their acts to smaller laptop screens.

6. LUCKNOW¬† The state blood bank in the transfusion medicine department of Lucknow King George Medical University (KGMU) is left with only one week of stock because even after rest in lockdown, voluntary blood donation has not increased. Government Railway Police (GRP) constables, who did not come in contact with those found Covid-19 positive, will not be tested for coronovirus infection, even though 11% of the force deployed at Charbagh railway station has been diagnosed. Disease. It is now official. The state government has engaged more than five lakh migrants under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MNREGS) in 40 days, as the Centre’s flagship scheme was resumed after remaining under lock.

7. AHMEDABAD Following the Gujarat High Court order directing the government to allow testing of pre-operative patients and approving private laboratories for Covid-19 test for symptomatic patients prescribed by consultants, the state government on Tuesday Issued new notification for coronovirus testing. An important revelation has been made on the Covid-19 viral transmission, such as lockdown easing and migrating migrants to their home towns. The findings were released by the Ahmedabad-based ICMR-National Institute of Occupational Health (NIOH). The western part of Ahmedabad has reported 31.5% of the 292 fresh cases reported in the city on Monday evening. Of the 292 Coronovirus Cases, 92 were from the western part of the city; 46 patients are below 30. Other patients include 1-year-old boy, 8-year-old boy and 7-year-old girl.

8. HYDERABAD At least 150 people who died during the lockout in Hyderabad were given a large-scale secret burial or cremation at an undisclosed location by municipal authorities, as resistance from local communities and the management of cemeteries is increasing, leading to Covid-19 Afraid of contracting. Health officials urged locals to take every precaution to visit markets and shops after registering 99 new Coronovirus Cases on Tuesday, to investigate the state’s 2,891 cases. The virus claimed that another four people died, while the death toll rose to 92. With 70 new Coronovirus Cases reported from the border of Greater Hyderabad, health department officials said that wearing masks but not maintaining social distance defeats the purpose of prevention.

9. CHANDIGARH The death of a 80-year-old woman would delay the removal of the zone zone tag of Sector 30B, which was supposed to complete 28 days to complete its last 28 days. -19 The count took place in Chandigarh on Tuesday with 301 deaths, including four deaths. Haryana recorded the fastest increase in Covid-19 cases in a single day as 296 people tested positive for the virus, taking the state to 2,652. 41 new cases of Covid-19 were reported in Punjab and two deaths due to the virus on Tuesday, bringing the number of people infected in the state to 2,342 and casualties to 46.