Commando 3 Actress Adah Sharma Says She Doesn’t Have to Reply to Troll

Commando 3 Actress Adah Sharma: whose last film was Commando 3, has been entertaining her fans in the lockdown period with her post on social media. Ada does everything from cooking a ‘Khayali casserole’ to doing housework while she is doing a headstand for hula-hooping. The actress has actually brought some creative videos. The actress added, “Entertainment is like the need of the hour. So I hope people will enjoy my videos on social media.”

But the actress also admits that she, like most people, has a lot of work to do every day at home. “We don’t have household help, so the whole day is passed by the time my mother and I cook, clean and eat. In the evening I play the piano for about two hours, and I do a lot of scripts. Reading. I occasionally watch the Modern Family, “said Adah, who finished shooting his next film Man to Man just before the lockdown.

In his last film Commando 3 (which airs later this week on Zee Cinema), Adah impressed the audience with his action sequences. Talking about her role and experience, she says, “My role in Commando 3 was very different from the usual. We have seen most heroines in action films in distress arm-candy or dummel. But in Commando 3 I like that We had to do a lot of action sequences. We tried to break the stereotype of a heroine in an action film. “

Actress Adah Sharma
Actress Adah Sharma

The actress also describes how she had to train specifically in Indian martial arts forms for a role that required her to be flexible and agile. “I learned silambam and I was comfortable doing rope rashes beforehand. Although I practiced these for film, I personally prefer Indian forms of martial arts. I am not towards modern workouts. I think there’s a lot we can learn from. ” Indian traditional art, “says Commando 3 Actress Adah Sharma who began her film career with the horror film 1920. The actress says she was prevented by many from accepting the film. She says,” People said it was the first time Is that the audience will see me, and my first film should not be a horror film. But I am someone who loves to experiment so I went ahead and did it. I realize this too. Whenever I have played a role that is very different from the audience, he is very receptive to it. “


His next film, Man to Man, is quite unusual and Ada shares details about it. “This is the story about a boy who marries a girl, and later discovers that the girl is actually a man. I play the role of a man. It’s a romantic story, it’s very different. Hai and I’m very excited to see people do it. “

Commando 3 Actress Adah Sharma has a loyal fan following of 4.3M on Instagram, 1.2M on Twitter and 4.2M on Facebook. But it is not just on social media, even in real life the actress has fans in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu cinema. “I’m so lucky to follow such a fan. They love me so much that even if I’m wearing something weird for the red carpet or any event, they’ll still like it. I also Haven’t seen me either. To respond to the trollers. I say so because under the troll’s comment, 500 comments will be defended by my fans. I’m really touched by this love, “the actress said.

Watch the world television premiere of Commando 3 on Zee Cinema on May 31 at 12 noon