Asian Hate Crimes Rise Amid Epidemic : US Lawmakers

Washington, May 5 A group of Democratic lawmakers said Monday that hate crimes against Asian-Americans have risen amid the Corona virus global epidemic and requested the Trump administration to take concrete steps to stop it. Assistant Attorney General Eric In a letter to S. Driband, 16 MPs, including Kamala Harris, have requested the Trump administration to deal with the discrimination in the same way as it did in the past.

The lawmakers said that inadequate federal response was made by the administration in the past to address hate crimes against Asian-Americans and the people of the Pacific Islands (AAPI) during the global epidemic and due to fear of these racial and foreign people It is the complete opposite of the efforts made. He said about 20 million Americans and 2 million AAPI people of Asian descent are engaged in front-line work against the Kovid-19 global epidemic as health care workers, security agents and other essential services personnel. “It is important that the Civil Rights Division ensure that the civil and constitutional rights of all Americans are protected at this time of the global pandemic,” the lawmakers said, adding that in the last month alone, Asian-American organizations have been assigned to Asian people from across the country.

More than 1500 incidents of harassment and discrimination were reported. Democratic lawmakers said this came after the FBI’s assessment in March that it was feared that incidents of crime against Asian Americans could increase across the country would pose a threat to AAPI communities.